Establishment of an ethical management system

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. values social norms and aims for the development of the industry through fair competition. We will strive to establish a system for companies that comply with laws and principles and are right and transparent.

  • Cyber e-Report operation

  • Publication of the Charter of Ethics

  • Ethics training for executives and employees

ESG Information Disclosure

Shin A T&C Co., Ltd. will manage the overall indicators of ESG and make it public on its website so that various people related to the company, such as executives and employees and stakeholders, can see them.

  • Environmental Indicators

  • social indicator

  • governance indicator

Charter of Corporate Ethics

Based on ethical and moral values, Shin A T&C Co., Ltd. aims for fair and transparent competition and will become a trusted company by the state and society for its business activities that respect the order of the free competition market and comply with all laws and regulations.

Cyber e-Report

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of human rights and ethical management, and all executives and employees operate cyber e-reports to prevent illegal acts and undue damage with all stakeholders, including employees and customers.

Details of consultation and report

Violation of ethical norms, such as irregularities/corruption/taking of executives and employees, etc

Reporting human rights violations, other proposals/reporting related to ethical management, etc

sexual harassment/bullying report center

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. strives to eradicate workplace harassment and sexual harassment, and to relieve victims and prevent recurrence.

Operation of the Labor-Management Council

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. holds regular labor-management councils to minimize conflicts between workers and employers and to form a sound corporate culture through cooperation. In addition, we continue to monitor agendas resolved through labor-management councils in order to faithfully implement them with the active participation of workers and employers.

Operation of the Grievance Committee

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. has formed a grievance handling committee to receive and improve grievances and suggestions in the working environment of its executives and employees, and is striving to create a corporate culture that satisfies everyone.